Product overview


Nebula 1.0 is our signature product. It is the core and user level middleware and the application layer that is highly customizable through a simple and configurable GUI. The software is platform independent – it works on Windows, Linux, Macintosh, UNIX, FreeBSD, etc.

Nebula 1.0 is easy to configure, design, and monitor a simple Computer Grid made of two or more PCs. This technology enables small business users and telecommuters to process their information quickly, reliably and seamlessly. With our off-the-shelf product, users are now able to configure their two or more PC network into a powerful grid in minutes with computational power comparable to that of clusters and supercomputers.

Gridalogy will connect all dots in Grid Computing together. We provide common interface for all aspects of the customer grid.

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About Nebula

Architecture Details

The picture on the side shows the layered grid architecture.

The Grid Fabric is your PC, the Operating System, the BIOS, Computers on the Network, etc. In simple terms it is the hardware part of your PC.

The Core Middleware is the low-level program to process the information and keep track of all processes running on the system. If you are using an application like MS Word, the executable (the program, MS Word itself) is installed on this layer.

The Upper Level Middleware is the layer that is user customizable. Users can interface with this layer, customize their application, and run their specific programs. Using our analogy of MS Word, this would be the document that is created and saved using the software which includes the user specific data.

The Application Layer is where the users share the data with the world. Again, using the same analogy, it would be like your email program or a floppy disk through which you can share the document with others.

Gridalogy software provides the complete grid application package - from processing the data packets, to the programming interface for individual jobs and the interface to maintain the grid network. The user only needs to provide the hardware. Gridalogy provides the rest.