Nebula 1.0

Nebula gives you the power to harness all the idle computing power available in your network, without having to add any expensive hardware! Nebula is a software only solution.

Nebula 1.0 is the software back end that provides a communication link between computers that are running our grid computing software. It creates a functional mini-farm of computers that work together to remain accessible, available, and functional to complete large jobs that any single computer would compute inefficiently.  

Our software will help companies two-fold.  If they do not have the processing power on-site, they can use our software on their few machines to access our grid-farm to submit their problems/jobs. If a company does have a significant amount of available hardware on-site or available through a network, we can package our software to run on their machines as their own grid-farm. This would allow them to keep all data flow on-site without security concerns.

Who is Nebula designed for?

Nebula is designed for anyone who has a problem that is easily divisible or has a need for high performance computing.  

In the distributed computing world, the types of problems that we're looking for are called "embarrassingly parallel" meaning that it can be split apart and worked on independent of the other parts. All the software that we have developed thus far deals with handling these embarrassingly parallel problems.

How can Grid Computing help?

1. Create render-farms out of your existing IT infrastructure
2. Analyse huge amounts of data to increase your business' productivity without purchasing expensive servers
3. Provide reliable uptime for existing services and applications

Why Nebula?

1. No expensive hardware requirements
2. Uses existing machines on the network
3. Software customized to your specific business needs
4. Favorable licensing and deployment options

Ready to try Nebula 1.0?

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Want to try out Nebula 1.0?

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