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Gridalogy provides software and services to increase the productivity and efficiency of individuals, large and small companies through the power of Grid Computing. A grid could be as simple as a network of two personal computers or as powerful as a room full of servers. The company’s goal is to bring the power and speed of grid computing from the academic fields to the homes and industries by providing software, support, network design, application development, and training to allow everyone to harness the technology.


Making grids faster and better!

Gridalogy provides a complete, off the shelf, software package with the ability to easily configure and monitor a simple Computer Grid made of two or more personal computers, servers, etc. This technology enables telecommuters, small business and corporate users to process the information in a faster, reliable, seamless and an economical manner.


Making the grid work for you!

For medium and large corporations, Gridalogy provides custom network, middleware and application design services for task-specific use with the grid network. Custom training can also be arranged for at the customer’s request. The simple program interface will allow users to setup, configure, monitor, manage accounting, and schedule jobs. All our software and services are compatible with all computing platforms (Windows, Macintosh, Unix, Linux and others).

- T. Yip, NRF, Singapore
We believe Nebula will save us tremendous amount of time and resources. Great ROI from a comparative small investment. We are looking forward to the [next] release!

Latest News

SEP 30, 2009
Nebula 1.0 is now released to the Public. Click here for trial kit. more
MAR 11, 2009
Nebula 1.0 Beta 2 is now available. more
NOV 11, 2008
Technical preview of Nebula 1.0 is now available. more


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