A few words about us

Our mission is to bring the power and speed of grid computing from the academic fields to the business sector by providing software, application development, and training to empower every business to harness this technology

Gridalogy wants to put grid computing into the hands of the individual user. We want our customers to be able to have the same access to high processing power with very little training and configuration at a nominal price. Gridalogy has developed the middleware that seamlessly integrates with current systems providing optimum utilization for customer’s current resource. The package is operating system platform independent for maximum flexibility.

Gridalogy provides software and services to increase the productivity and efficiency of individuals, large and small companies through the power of Grid Computing.

Gridalogy provides a complete, off the shelf, software solution with the ability to easily configure and monitor a simple Computer Grid made of two or more personal computers, servers, etc. This technology enables telecommuters, small business and corporate users to process the information in a faster, reliable, seamless and an economical manner. For more information, please see Nebula 1.0.

Company History

Gridalogy was founded in October 2004. Over the past few years, the company has grown manyfold and has gained much experience in the field of Grid Computing.

Investors & Investing Opportunities

To obtain a copy of our detailed business plan, please email us at info@gridalogy.com. Gridalogy welcomes the opportunity to partner with businesses and public sector institutions competing for government funded projects. Gridalogy qualifies as a small business for the purposes of Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer Research (STTR) Programs.

Why Choose Us

We live and breathe Grid!

From just being a go-getter organization to a professionally managed one, years of experience have strengthened us in leadership and made us technically superior.

 Thus, Gridalogy is very dear to its employees and we give one hundred and ten percent to everything we do. The work culture at Gridalogy is very flexible, creative, and at the same time extremely focused.